Adelaide of Savoy, Duchess of Swabia

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Adelaide of Savoy (born c.1050/2 - died 1079)[1] was a member of the Arduinici dynasty. Adelaide’s parents were Otto of Savoy and Adelaide of Susa. She was married to Rudolf of Rheinfelden.

Personal information[edit]

Around 1066 Adelaide married Rudolf of Rheinfelden, duke of Swabia. In 1069 Rudolf attempted to repudiate Adelaide for unfaithfulness.[2] In 1071 Adelaide cleared herself of the accusation of adultery in the presence of Pope Alexander II. Rudolf was required to reconcile with Adelaide.[3]

In 1077, Rudolf was elected antiking of Germany, with Adelaide as his consort.

With Rudolf, Adelaide had four children:


Adelaide died in 1079 and was buried in the monastery of St. Blasien.


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