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Type Subsidiary
Industry Online Competitive Intelligence
Genre Web Analytics/Market Research
Founder(s) Richard Stokes
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, United States
Key people

Richard Stokes, CEO
Chris Hafer – VP, Business Development
Steve Lorenc - SVP, Revenue

Patrick Donahue - VP, Sales
Products SEM Insight, Industry Insight Platform, Trademark Insight
Services Paid Search (PPC) Insights, Brand Monitoring, SEO Insights, Custom Search Intelligence
Employees 35
Parent Kantar Group (WPP)

AdGooroo is a market research company for search engine advertisers. AdGooroo monitors Google, Yahoo, MSN, Baidu, AOL, Ask, Naver (South Korea), and Seznam (Czech Republic) for paid search, natural rankings, and potential trademark infringement activity. The AdGooroo service is a commercial platform whereby customers pay a monthly service fee to access data reports for the industry vertical.

AdGooroo is of value to internet marketers because it gives them third-party data about both their own as well as their competitors' search engine advertising activity. This data includes:

  • Budget and traffic estimates for all known advertisers
  • Rankings of all websites in both paid and natural search results
  • Lists of competitors' keywords
  • Historical ad archive
  • Benchmarking of any two companies
  • Contribution of search activity to brand awareness
  • Metrics indicating level of historical competition (seasonality)

AdGooroo releases monthly and quarterly estimates of search engine advertising activity. These estimates are widely used for guidance in predicting quarterly revenue figures......

Articles asserting significance[edit]

AdGooroo is frequently referenced by third-party agency, analysts, and media outlets. Some recent mentions include:

  • "Google Tests New Design With 16 Product Listing Ads; Which Brands Benefit Most?"[1]
  • "Study: Edwards Search Campaign Lacks Efficiency, McCain's Is Strong" [2]
  • "Search Engine Marketing Vendors" [3]
  • "The Future of Search Engine Marketing & Technology" [4]
  • "Tools for Benchmarketing a Search Campaign" [5]
  • "Search Insider Summit - Competitive Intelligence" [6]
  • "New data point to trouble for Microsoft search business" [7]
  • "Even Online Ads Face Slowdown" [8]
  • "Can Google (GOOG) Fix "Quality Control" Keyword Mistake And Boost Revenue?" [9]


SEM Insight[edit]

Web-based software that provides dozens of PPC and SEO reports to marketers for the purpose of analyzing the SEM strategies of their industry and competitors. Includes reporting on 51 countries and metrics such as keyword coverage, ad copy, and budget estimates by keyword.[10]

Trademark Insight[edit]

Brand monitoring tool tracking branded terms within PPC ads. Monitors 14 search engines and available for 51 countries.

Industry Insight[edit]

Provides historical view of Industry and Advertiser level data related to Paid Search, Organic Search, and Display Advertising.

Product Listing Ad (PLA) Reporting[edit]

Competitive intelligence on Google Product Listing Ads (PLA). Includes metrics like PLA impressions, unique advertisers, unique ads.


AdGooroo has over 3,000 customers consisting primarily of large agencies and advertisers,[11] including:

  • 24/7 Real Media
  • Double Click / Performics
  • CoreMetrics
  • iCrossing
  • LinkShare
  • MSN
  • Starcom / SMG Search
  • Southwest Vacations
  • Target
  • Turtle Wax
  • pilot 1/0


  • 2007 ITA City Lights "Newcomer of the Year" nomination.
  • 2004 Development grant awarded by Chicago Entrepreneurial Center
  • 2004 Entrepreneur of the month award to founder, Richard Stokes

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Sister companies of AdGooroo include and Kantar Media Intelligence.


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