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Notable Adhikari
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Nepali language, Hindi, Bengali language
Predominantly Hinduism

Adhikari is a Hindu surname commonly used in Nepal, South india, bengal and Bangladesh.


The word adhikari comes from the Sanskrit word adhikari अधिकार meaning right as in right to rule.

In India[edit]

Adhikari in india are spread through out Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, kerala, Telangana and Karnataka. According to there history were by village chief Pedhakapu. They used to settle common land disputes, collect annual land and other revenues.They are also had political influence in history.They come under warrior cast . In history Telagas were the ancient Warrior/Agricultural clans of the Deccan and South India who specialised in warfare and took to Agriculture during times of Peace. The Origin of the Telagas can be traced back to the Western Chalukyan Expansion into Andhra region which happened in the 6th century A.D.

In Nepal[edit]

Bahun/Brahmin Adhikari[edit]

Some Brahmin from Rajasthan migrated to kumaun Uttarakhand and then to Nepal during the Islamic invasion. later, the regional kings and gorkha king gave them right of ruling some villages appointing them as local officers thus spreading to the western Nepal.Later the started using adhikari instead of there surname as it translates as ' one who has the right'.These adhikari belong to Brahmin caste.

Kshatriya Adhikari[edit]

Kshatriya(chhetri) adhikari are the decendent of those Kshatriya who got the title of ruling the land same in Nepal as Brahmin but Being a Kshatriya they continued there tradition of being a warrior.

Notable Adhikari of Nepal[edit]