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Adil Khan
عادل خان
Adil Khan.jpg
A photo shoot with Morten Bendiksen
Born Adil Thathaal
(1983-02-03) 3 February 1983 (age 31)
Oslo, Norway
Occupation Actor
Years active 2006–present

Adil Khan (Urdu: عادل خان‎, pronounced [ˈaːd̪ɪl ˈxaːn]; born on 3 February 1983 in Oslo, Norway) is a Norwegian dancer and actor of Punjabi/Pashtun descent. Adil came to the limelight when he won Dansefeber,[1] (the Norwegian version of So You Think You Can Dance) hosted by TVNorge in 2006.



Adil Khan was born Adil Thathaal in Oslo, Norway. In his early childhood, he lived at Munkelia. Later, his family moved to Grønland and then to an area close to Ullevål Stadion. Adil's father is from the Punjab province of Pakistan and belongs to Thothal-Rajput caste. Adil's mother is a Pashtun who has her roots in Afghanistan and belongs to the Durrani tribe, which is scattered through Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Adil is the younger brother of singer, composer, film maker and human rights activist Deeyah.[2]

Music and dance[edit]

Adil belongs to an art loving family. From Adil's childhood, his father has been an initiator of cultural activities in Norway, particularly being at the forefront of introducing workshops for Pakistani Classical Music, as well as being a participating figure in literary and art circles. Adil's father is responsible for arranging music concerts and introducing Norwegian audiences to the music and creative traditions of Pakistan. Because of his father's activities in music and the arts, Adil started learning music from a very early age like his sister Deeyah.

Though Adil quit music after a few years, his early music education prepared him for his acting and performing career in musical theatre in his later life.

In 2009 Adil was invited to sing Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" for Auma Obama, the sister of President Barack Obama. The programme was arranged by NRK1 in connection with fund raising campaign for Africa.[3]

In 1997, Adil experienced a newfound interest for breakdancing which he formed into his art form. In 1999, together with his friends, he founded the dance group "Floor Knights". He put his soul into breakdance, and soon after distinguished himself among the other B-boys. Adil has also lived in Copenhagen where he was a member of the elite breakdance group "Natural Effects". Adil has won several dance competitions in Norway and abroad, like "B-boy Rumble 1999" (Norwegian championship), "Scandinavian Battle of the Year 2001" (Scandinavian championship), and "Time 2 Battle" in Malmø (Scandinavian Championship). But his real breakthrough came in 2006 when he won the Norwegian national dance competition Dansefeber in its inaugural season. This victory gave him a national celebrity status. Adil wanted to further improve his dancing skills, therefore, right after winning season 1 of Dansefeber, he left for Los Angeles, where he became a member of Quest Crew (winners of the third season of America's Best Dance Crew).[4]


After winning Dansefeber, Adil started receiving offers from national Norwegian theaters for acting jobs. His acting debut came in 2006 at Oslo Nye Teater as Bernardo in West Side Story. Soon after, Adil left for Los Angeles. But the acting offers kept on coming which brought him back to Norway in 2007. The first play, after his arrival was The Nutcracker which followed by several other productions. Adil received critical acclaim for his performance in The Jungle Book as Mowgli, which got him the nomination for Hedda Award in the best male role category. Adil is the youngest actor in Norway to ever be nominated for this prestigious theatre award.[5]

Norske Talenter[edit]

Adil Khan served as a judge on Norske Talenter (series 4) during 2011 and (Series 5) 2012.[6] Norske Talenter (Norwegian Talents) is a Norwegian version of Got Talent series. It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages competing for the specified prize. The programme is being presented by TV 2 since 2008.

Honours and awards[edit]

Acting career[edit]

Year Title Role Notes Director
2012 Johan Falk Pramit Charlotte Brändström
2011 Taxi [11] Javar Nomination for Norwegian TV Award Gullruten as the Best Male Actor [12] Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen
2010 Heart to Heart [13] Adil Marit Åslein
Year Title Role Notes Director
2010 The magic city (Nor:Trollbyen) Hans Catrine Telle
Spring Awakening[14] Moritz Kjersti Horn
2009 The Jungle Book[15] Mowgli Nomination for Hedda Award as the Best Male Actor Erik Ulfsby
2008 @lice[16] Amo Filmed and telecasted in 2009 by NRK2[17] Kjersti Alveberg
2007 The Nutcracker[18] The Nutcracker Steen Koerner
2006 West Side Story[19] Bernardo Svein Sturla Hungnes


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