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Kyrgyzstan is divided into seven regions [1] (singular: област - oblast, plural: областтар - oblasttar). The capital, Bishkek, is administratively an independent city (shaar), as well as being the capital of Chuy Province. Osh also has shaar status[citation needed].

The regions, with their areas, census populations and capitals, are as follows:

Osh Bishkek Batken Province Osh Province Jalal-Abad Province Naryn Province Talas Province Chuy Province Issyk Kul ProvinceA clickable map of Kyrgyzstan exhibiting its provinces.
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No. Name Kyrgyz Russian ISO Capital Area (km²) Population (1999) Population (2009) Population (2012)[2]
1 Bishkek City Бишкек шаар Город Бишкек KG-GB Bishkek 127.3 787,700 865,100 874,400
2 Batken Region Баткен областы Баткенская область KG-B Batken 17,023.9 380,200 380,300 448,900
3 Chuy Region Чүй областы Чуйская область KG-C Bishkek 18,684.4 772,200 790,500 822,600
4 Jalal-Abad Region Жалалабат областы Джалал-Абадская область KG-J Jalal-Abad 33,647.5 869,500 938,600 1,054,300
5 Naryn Region Нарын областы Нарынская область KG-N Naryn 46,706.9 248,700 245,300 264,900
6 Osh Region Ош областы Ошская область KG-O Osh 29,165.1 940,600 1,000,000 1,147,700
7 Talas Region Талас областы Таласская область KG-T Talas 11,445.9 200,300 219,600 235,300
8 Issyk Kul Region Ысык-Көл областы Иссык-Кульская область KG-Y Karakol 43,114.0 415,500 425,100 448,000
9 Osh City Ош шаар Город Ош KG-GO Osh 236,000 243,200 255,800
Totals 199,945.0 4,850,700 5,107,700 5,551,900

Each region is further divided into districts (raion), administered by government-appointed officials. Rural communities (aiyl okmotus) consisting of up to twenty small settlements have their own elected mayors and councils.

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