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Admiral of the Fleet or Fleet Admiral (Russian: aдмирал флoта, admiral flota) is the highest naval (deck) rank of the Russian Federation. It is the equivalent of the Soviet naval rank of Admiral of the Fleet and the present Russian rank of General of the Army. The rank is roughly equivalent to 4-stars admiral ranks of other nations. Marshal of the Russian Federation is the only superior rank in the Russian armed forces.

List of Russian Admirals of the Fleet[edit]

  • Isakov, Ivan S. (1894-1967); promoted 1944.
  • Kuznetsov, Nikolay G. (1902-1974); promoted 1944.
  • Gorshkov, Sergey G. (1910-1988); promoted 1962.
  • Kasatonov, Vladimir A. (1910-1989); promoted 1965.
  • Sergeev, Nikolay D. (1909-1999); promoted 1970.
  • Lobov, Semen M. (1913-1977); promoted 1970.
  • Smirnov, Nikolay I. (1917-1999); promoted 1973
  • Yegorov, Georgiy M. (1918-2008); promoted 1973.
  • Chernavin, Vladimir N. (b.1928); promoted 1983.
  • Kapitanets, Ivan M. (b.1928); promoted 1988
  • Sorokin, Aleksey I. (b.1922); promoted 1988.
  • Makarov, Konstantin V. (1931-2011); promoted 1989.
  • Sidorov, Vladimir, V. (b.1924); promoted 1989.
  • Gromov, Felix N. (b.1937); promoted 1996.
  • Kuroyedov, Vladimir I. (b.1944); promoted 2000.
  • Masorin, Vladimir V. (b.1947); promoted 2006.