Admiralty (East) Public Transport Interchange

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Admiralty (East) Pblic Transport Interchange 金鐘(東)公共運輸交匯處
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Background Facts
District Central and Western
Area Admiralty
Street or landmark located Ground floor, United Centre, 95 Queensway
Date of opening to be determined
Routes terminating Citybus Routes 70M, 90B and 930; NWFB Route 43X and 590A; NWFB and KMB Joint-operated Routes 680, 680A and 680P
Routes via this terminus As a circular point: Citybus Routes 37B and 37X
Routes stop at this terminus: Citybus Routes 70, 75, 90 and 97
Feeder transport MTR  Island Line and  Tsuen Wan Line Admiralty Station
Vicinity of terminus
Major streets nearby {{{nearbystreets}}}
Major structures/sights nearby United Centre, Queensway Plaza and Pacific Place
Alternative names Admiralty (East) Bus Terminus (Citybus/NWFB)
Admiralty Railway Station (East) Bus Terminus (KMB)

The Admiralty (East) Public Transport Interchange (Chinese: 金鐘(東)公共運輸交匯處) is a major bus terminus located in Admiralty, Central and Western District, Hong Kong. Located above Admiralty Station of the MTR, the terminus hosts bus routes to most destinations in the Southern District west of Deep Water Bay, so the usage is relatively high.

The interchange has different names named by different bus companies. The official name from the Government is Admiralty (East) Public Transport Interchange; Citybus and New World First Bus named it as the Admiralty (East) Bus Terminus (Chinese: 金鐘(東)巴士總站); while the name from KMB is Admiralty Railway Station (East) Bus Terminus (Chinese: 金鐘鐵路站(東)巴士總站).

Location of terminus[edit]

Admiralty (East) Public Transport Interchange is located at 95 Queensway, ground floor of the United Centre. A MTR entrance/exit is located next to the exit of the terminus.

The locations of berths for different routes is provided in the plan below.


Fixed Regulators' Room is installed next to the entrance of the terminus. An NWFB Customer Service Centre is located at this terminus, providing route information of Citybus and NWFB, souvenirs for sale and value-adding of Octopus cards.

Feeder transport[edit]


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