Adnan Nawaz

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Adnan Nawaz
Born Adnan Nawaz
11 August 1994
Madinah Al MunawarraH
Education Al-Aqeeq International School/Collage Madinah Al MunawarraH
Occupation FacebOOk Accounts Hacking, Supervisor in STL,
Net worth 3000Rs
Religion islam
Family two brothers and Three sisters

Adnan Nawaz is a British news and sports presenter of Pakistani descent, currently working for the BBC.

Born in Pakistan, Nawaz graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc in Economics and International Relations, and then completed an MA in Latin American Politics at the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London.

He began work at the BBC in 1994, as a broadcast assistant in the Latin American section of the BBC World Service. A Sony Award winning producer with BBC Radio 5 Live, where he spent five years, he moved in 2001 to BBC World News presenting for BBC Sport.

He then moved to a similar role with BBC News channel, again presenting sports.

He currently presents the news on BBC World News and occasionally presents Newsday and the 12.00am-5.00am (London time) shift on the channel on Sunday mornings.[1]

Nawaz is well travelled, having lived in the Philippines, Italy, the United States, France and Chile. He speaks five languages.


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