Adobe Premiere Express

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Adobe Premiere Express
Premiere Express Photobucket.png
Adobe Premiere Express embedded into Photobucket
Developer(s) Adobe Systems
Initial release February 21, 2007; 8 years ago (2007-02-21)[1]
Development status Discontinued
Written in Adobe Flex[1]
Platform Adobe Flash Player
License Proprietary
Adobe Premiere Express embedded into YouTube

Adobe Premiere Express is a rich Internet application for simple editing of digital video files.

The release was announced on February 21, 2007.[1] The program itself is served as a free tool for users of YouTube, Photobucket, and[2][3]

Adobe Premiere Express first started off on Photobucket as a way of remixing videos and pictures that were uploaded onto a member's album or making slideshows. Photobucket has been using Adobe Premiere Express since February 2007. Later, MTV acquired Express on their website as a way of remixing music videos for contests, games, or for fun.

As Adobe Systems allowed websites to contact them to request Express, YouTube received it on their website as a way of remixing videos on a member's YouTube account. Known as YouTube's Video Remixer, it was found on TestTube at[2] It was later taken down.


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