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This article is about the SWC file format. For other uses, see SWC.
Adobe Flash/Flex Component File (SWC)
Flash Component File Icon
Filename extension .swc
Internet media type application/octet-stream
Magic number PK\003\004
Type of format Class Library
Container for ActionScript classes and data
Extended from ZIP

An Adobe SWC file is a package of precompiled Flash symbols and ActionScript code that allows a Flash or Flex developer to distribute classes and assets, or to avoid recompiling symbols and code that will not change.[1] SWC files can be generated by the Flash authoring tool, and by Flex. They are sometimes referred to as class libraries and cannot be directly executed by the Flash Player.


A SWC file is compressed by means of the ZIP archive format. Renaming the extension of a SWC file to "zip" will allow any ZIP-compatible decompression software to show the contents of the file.

An uncompressed SWC file contains at least a catalog.xml file, and a SWF file, usually named "library.swf". It may also contain other files, such as CSS files. The catalog contains a list of the ActionScript classes contained in the library, their dependencies, and modification dates.

Example catalog.xml[edit]

This is a simple example of a catalog.xml for a SWC created in Flash CS4 which contains two sounds.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<swc xmlns="">
    <swc version="1.2" />
    <flash version="10.0" build="d566" platform="MAC" />
    <feature-script-deps />
    <feature-files />
    <library path="library.swf">
      <script name="ButtonClickSound" mod="1275949831598" >
        <def id="ButtonClickSound" /> 
        <dep id="AS3" type="n" /> 
        <dep id="" type="i" /> 
      <script name="EndGameSound" mod="1275949831598" >
        <def id="EndGameSound" /> 
        <dep id="AS3" type="n" /> 
        <dep id="" type="i" /> 


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