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Born in 2010

Adolf Born (born 12 June 1930) is a Czech painter and illustrator, caricaturist and film-maker. For his lasting contribution as a children's illustrator, Born was a finalist for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2008.[1]


Born in the town of České Velenice on the Bohemian side of the southern border with Austria, Adolf Born got his Visual Arts Education from 1949 to 1955 in Prague, where he still lives and works. Since the 1960s his works have been exhibited all over the world. In 1974 Born was awarded a Grand Prix prize in Montreal.[clarification needed][citation needed]

He made many ex libris, mostly by the technique of colour lithography. His pictures often mix fantasy worlds, people and animals. Apart from his graphics including well over a hundred exhibitions, and his illustration of literally hundreds of books including some international classics, he has been active in theatre costume and set design and in animated film.

He is married and has one daughter.

The asteroid 17806 Adolfborn is named for him.



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