Adolf Kašpar

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Title page of the book Filosofská historie, 27th edition.

Adolf Kašpar (27 December 1877 in Bludov – 29 June 1934 in Železná Ruda), was a Czech painter and illustrator.


The son of a general wares dealer, Kašpar studied at Prague Academy under Maxmilián Pirner, but his foremost mentor was eventually Hanus Schwaiger, a famous Czech painter and children's book illustrator.


Kašpar was a notable artist, who perfected his pieces by collecting information from Czech literature. He became famous by illustrating Babička, a book by the Czech author Božena Němcová. His illustrations can also be found in other works by Alois Jirásek, Jan Neruda, Karel Václav Rais und František Ladislav Čelakovský. During this time, he also worked as graphic artist and made watercolors and pictures of his birthplace.