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Adolphus Channel or Albany passage [1][2] is a channel at the north eastern end of Cape York Peninsula, or south eastern portion of the Torres Strait in Queensland. It runs between the Albany Island to the south, and Mount Adolphus Island to the north. [3]

Ida Island is north and adjacent to Muddy Bay, while the remaining islets are adjacent to Pioneer Bay on the north east coast of Albany Island.[4]


  • Albany Island
  • Mai Islet
  • Bush Islet
  • Tree Island
  • Ida Island
  • Eborac Island [5]
  • Middle Brother Islet

Naming issues[edit]

Some of the islands and reefs in the area have dual naming - with traditional Torres Strait islander names [6]

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Further reading[edit]

  • Gadke, Christopher (2001). The architecture of the Torres Strait Islands : from the vernacular to the 'South Sea' type [St. Lucia, Qld.]

Coordinates: 10°41′20″S 142°36′51″E / 10.688958°S 142.614167°E / -10.688958; 142.614167