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Adorama Camera
Industry Retail
Founded 1976
Products Cameras, video, film, audio, computers, electronics.
Slogan "More Than a Camera Store"

Adorama Camera, Inc is a camera and film equipment store established in 1979 and located in New York City.[1] Adorama also has an online retail operation and in 2003 formed a sales alliance with in a deal to broaden Amazon's selection of camera products and accessories.[2]


Amateur and professional photographers utilize Adorama's online photo lab service for their digital prints, AdoramaPix, which accepts JPGs and TIFF file input.[3] The lab started out as the 1-hour lab for Adorama Camera over 10 years ago and has been producing professional quality prints from digital images online since 2004. They also offer a system for the sharing of photo albums with contacts. AdoramaPix uses six Noritsu QSS-34PRO printers for all digital printing.[citation needed]

Like local rival B&H Photo Video, Adorama has one retail location, at 42 W 18th Street in New York City. Adorama is similarly owned by Hasidic Jews and is a significant source of employment for the local Hasidic community. Due to the owners' religious beliefs, in observance of Shabbat, the store is closed and web store does not process orders on Saturdays, as such practices are forbidden by Jewish law.[4] The store also closes, and the web store does not process orders, on all Jewish holidays except for Hanukkah, as Jewish law does not prohibit work during that holiday except on Shabbat.[citation needed]

Industry recognition[edit]

In 2005, highlighted Adorama in a "Best of the Web" review,[5] praising both the camera equipment seller's product selection and its dedication to educating photographers on how to elevate their skills, through the "Adorama Learning Center". However, the review also expressed disappointment with Adorama's website design.

In May 2007, Zagat reviewed two major professional photo equipment suppliers in NYC: Adorama and B&H Photo Video. Regarding Adorama, Zagat wrote the store is a "legendary" Flatiron "gem" that "has everything" new or used "for beginners and professionals."[6]

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