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Adoum Younousmi (born 1962[1]) is a Chadian politician who served in the government of Chad as Minister of Public Works and Transport from 2003 to 2005 and as Minister of State for Infrastructure from 2005 to 2011. He was briefly Prime Minister in an acting capacity for a few days in February 2007.


Younousmi was born in Fada, Chad, and is an engineer by training; he graduated from the National School of Engineering in Bamako, Mali. He became Minister of Public Works and Transport in June 2003[1] before being appointed Minister of State for Infrastructure in the government named on August 7, 2005.[1][2] When Prime Minister Pascal Yoadimnadji was flown to France for medical treatment on February 21, 2007, Younousmi became head of the government in his absence;[3] Yoadimnadji died on February 23, leaving Younousmi as interim head of the government[4] until Delwa Kassiré Koumakoye became the new prime minister on 26 February 2007. Younousmi remained Minister of State for Infrastructure in Koumakoye's government, named on 4 March.[2]

Acting on the government's behalf, Younousmi signed a peace agreement with rebels in late 2007, including both the preliminary agreement on October 4 and the final agreement on October 25.[5]

Younousmi was dismissed from the government on 17 August 2011.[6]


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Preceded by
Pascal Yoadimnadji
Prime Minister of Chad

February 23, 2007 – 26 February 2007
Succeeded by
Delwa Kassiré Koumakoye