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Adrastus (Greek: Ἄδραστος; Ionic: Adrestus Ἄδρηστος) refers to several individuals in Greek mythology:

  • Adrastus, king of Argos.
  • Adrastus, a son of Merops, the king of Percote, and brother to Amphius. Along with Amphius, he led a military force from Adrastea, Apaesus, Pityeia and Tereia to the Trojan War (despite the entreaties of their father, a seer, who could foresee that death awaited them on the battlefield). Adrastus was slain by Diomedes.[1]
  • Adrastus, a warrior Trojan, killed by Agamennon.[2]
  • Adrastus, father of Eurydice, the wife of King Ilus of Troy.[3] He is otherwise unknown, but the Hellespont town or city of Adrastea may be named after him.
  • Adrastus, son of Polynices and Argea, daughter of the Argive Adrastus. He was a leader of the Mycenaeans during the Trojan War and was also counted as one of the Epigoni.[4][5]
  • Adrastus and Hipponous, two otherwise unknown sons of Heracles, were said to have thrown themselves into fire in obedience to an oracle of Apollo.[6]

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