Adrian Jackson (orienteering)

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Adrian Jackson
Adrian Jackson AUS180.jpg
Medal record
Competitor for  Australia
Men's mountain bike orienteering
World Championships
Gold 2004 Ballarat, Australia Middle
Gold 2008 Ostróda Middle
Gold 2009 Ben Shemen Long
Gold 2009 Ben Shemen Sprint
Gold 2010 Montalegre Sprint
Silver 2010 Montalegre Long
Silver 2010 Montalegre Middle
Bronze 2004 Ballarat, Australia Long
Bronze 2004 Ballarat, Australia Relay
Bronze 2005 Banská Bystrica Long
Oceania MTB Orienteering Championships
Gold 2007 Victoria, Australia Sprint
Gold 2007 Victoria, Australia Middle
Gold 2007 Victoria, Australia Long

Adrian Jackson (born 1983) is an Australian mountain bike orienteering competitor and World Champion. He has won individual gold medals at the 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2010 World MTB Orienteering Championships.[1]

Adrian is sponsored by Mérida[2] and is a member of the Mérida Flight Centre Racing Team. He rides a Mérida NINETY-NINE (dual suspension), an Big.Nine (29er hardtail) and an Scultura EVO SLX Team (road bike).

He is also an elite mountain biker in the Australian domestic racing scene in the cross country, enduro, marathon and stage racing format events.

In addition, he has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace Technology (Hons) from Monash University and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD - Aerospace Engineering) from University of New South Wales.

He is known as "The Batsman" to an infamous group of road cyclists in Melbourne - The Kings Men

Mountain bike orienteering career[edit]

Jackson competed at the 2004 World MTB Orienteering Championships in Ballarat, where he won his first world championship gold medal by winning the sprint, ahead of Alain Berger from Switzerland. He won a bronze medal in the long distance, and a bronze medal with the Australian relay team.[3] At the 2005 World Championships in Banska Bystrica he won a bronze medal in the long distance, placed eighth in the middle distance, and seventh with the Australian relay team.[4] At the 2006 Championships in Joensuu he placed sixth in the long distance and seventh in the middle distance.[5] At the Oceania MTB Orienteering Championships in Victoria, Australia in 2007 he won gold medals in both the sprint, the middle distance and the long distance.[6] At the 2008 World MTB Orienteering Championships in Ostróda, he won a gold medal in the middle distance, placed sixth in the sprint, placed sixth in the long distance, and eleventh in the relay.[7] In Ben Shemen in 2009 he became world champion in both the sprint, ahead of Lasse Brun Pedersen, and in the long distance, ahead of Ruslan Gritsan, and placed fifth in the middle distance.[8] At the 2010 World Championships in Montalegre he won a gold medal in the sprint, ahead of Tõnis Erm, a silver medal in the middle distance behind Samuli Saarela, and a silver medal in the long distance behind Anton Foliforov.[9]