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Adrian Kennedy is an Irish radio journalist, broadcaster and DJ. He was the co-host and producer of The FM104 Phoneshow; a late night radio chat show - alongside co-host Jeremy Dixon, from 1997-2013. Kennedy resigned from FM104 in August 2013 to take up a new position with rival station 98FM. After 4 weeks he was removed from the airwaves and placed on garden leave for the 6 month notice period in his contract. Kennedy's new morning talk show Dublin Talks started on 98FM on the 10th March 2014.

Kennedy was once described as a "shock jock" by the Irish Independent newspaper, for his controversial on-air persona. He touches on topics ranging from entertainment to social issues such as child sexual abuse, drug addiction, crime, etc.

In 2006 Kennedy was found to be almost twice the legal drink driving limit and was put off the road.

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