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A pornographic video game (also known as an adult video game, erotic video game, run or rape game, or sex game[1]) is any type of video game that includes pornography as one of the major aspects of the game.[2] Japanese pornographic video games are known as eroge.

Pornographic video games may be made by a video game company, or by an amateur individual or group. Some pornographic games are hosted on the Internet. The games may be hosted on the creator's own web domain, or uploaded to a third-party site. Because of their sexual content, pornographic video games have garnered a large amount of political controversy.

CNN in particular describes how the game RapeLay, a Japanese video game, is both an outrage and a viral oddity on the Internet.[3] It has gained infamy[4] for its premise in which the player plays as a male rapist, trying to seduce women and then rape them.

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