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AdvaMed, or the Advanced Medical Technology Association, is a medical device trade association, based in Washington, D.C. Its members are medical technology companies (medical devices, diagnostic products, and health information systems) that collectively represents 80% of U.S. medical technology firms in the United States, that produce close to 90% of annual health care technology purchases in the United States and more than 40% globally.[1]

Stephen J. Ubl is AdvaMed’s President and CEO,[2] and its Board Chairman is David C. Dvorak, who also serves as President and CEO of Zimmer Holdings.[3]


AdvaMed advocates for a legal, regulatory, and economic climate that advances global health care by assuring patients can have access to the benefits of medical technology.[4] In 2010, AdvaMed's Ubl "called for the creation of a new White House office dedicated to promoting U.S. innovation" as well as a requirement that federal agencies "provide an innovation impact statement for all major policy decisions or regulations".[5] In 2006 AdvaMed launched a $1 million "education and advertising campaign designed to convey the value of medical technology to both policy makers and the general public in Washington, D.C."[6]

AdvaMed supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s tax on medical devices.[7][8] According to a study commissioned by AdvaMed, the tax has led to a "dramatic increase in insurance company strategies curtailing the use of newer technologies" such as "pay-for-performance, risk-sharing, and the use of evidence-based medicine, which can lead to newer devices not being covered by insurance if there’s no proof they are better than older devices". Sixty-two percent of companies in the study saw the use of such payment strategies in 2014.[9]

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