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AdvaMed, or the Advanced Medical Technology Association, is a medical device trade association whose members consist of medical technology companies based in Washington, D.C. Its members are medical technology companies (medical devices, diagnostic products, and health information systems) that collectively represents 80% of U.S. medical technology firms in the United States, that produce close to 90% of annual health care technology purchases in the United States and more than 40% globally.[1]

Stephen J. Ubl is AdvaMed’s President and CEO,[2] and its Board Chairman is David C. Dvorak, who also serves as President and CEO of Zimmer Holdings.[3]


AdvaMed advocates for a legal, regulatory, and economic climate that advances global health care by assuring patients can have access to the benefits of medical technology.[4] In 2010, AdvaMed's Ubl "called for the creation of a new White House office dedicated to promoting U.S. innovation" as well as a requirement that federal agencies "provide an innovation impact statement for all major policy decisions or regulations".[5] In 2006 AdvaMed launched a $1 million "education and advertising campaign designed to convey the value of medical technology to both policy makers and the general public in Washington, D.C."[6]

AdvaMed supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s tax on medical devices.[7][8] According to a study commissioned by AdvaMed, the tax has led to a "dramatic increase in insurance company strategies curtailing the use of newer technologies" such as "pay-for-performance, risk-sharing, and the use of evidence-based medicine, which can lead to newer devices not being covered by insurance if there’s no proof they are better than older devices". Sixty-two percent of companies in the study saw the use of such payment strategies in 2014.[9]

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