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This book has two completely different editions by different authors, but from the same publisher.

The first edition of Advanced Perl Programming is by Sriram Srinivasan and covers complex techniques needed in production level Perl. The first edition was published in August 1997.

The publisher offers online a free sample of Chapter One as well as the complete set of code examples in the book.

The second edition, by Simon Cozens and edited by Allison Randal, was published in 2005. It contains a different set of high-level programming techniques intended for practical use, and is described at

Related books include Programming Perl, Perl Cookbook, and Perl Hacks.


Charles Stross called Advanced Perl Programming‍‍ '​‍s sections on networking and object-oriented programming "well-nigh indispensable".[1] Eric S. Raymond called Sriram Srinivasan's commentary on the Perl language "uniformly intelligent, incisive and tasteful".[2] Donald Bryson of Network Computing magazine called the book "full of useful information, well written, beautifully set, and technically accurate".[3]


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