Advanced Technological Institute, Sri Lanka

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Advanced Technological Institute, Sri Lanka
Established 1995
Type Public
Students 24,697
Location , Sri Lanka
Colours Orange, black and white             

The Advanced Technological Institute, Sri Lanka (Sinhala: උසස් තාක්ෂණ ආයතනය, Tamil: உயர் தொழில்நுட்ப நிறுவனம்) is a technological institute under Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE)Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE) [1] which is fully governed by the Sri Lankan Higher Education Ministry. It is unique within the Sri Lankan national for being the only institute to offer programmes of study leading to a certificate, diploma, or Higher National Diploma on a full-time and part-time basis.


The SLIATE is one of the leading educational institutions in Sri Lanka for higher education and is a statutory body coming under the purview of Higher Education Division, Ministry of Education.

SLIATE has been established by the Parliament Act 29 of 1995 focusing on fostering Advanced Technical Education at a post secondary level and its head is Director General appointed by the cabinet. It is mandated to establish Advanced Technical Institute (ATI) in every province for both Engineering and Business Studies.

At present it manages and supervises 12 separate Advance Technical Institutes and 6 Sections housed in the Technical Colleges under Department of Technical Education and Training to conduct the courses of Higher National Diplomas and National Diplomas. Each institute has a Director and each section has an Academic Coordinator.

The leadership positions are:

Position Role Current executive
Minister of Higher Education Head of the Higher Education and presides at the
convocation of the Advanced Technological Institute
Hon S. B Disanayaka
The Deputy Minister of Higher Education Deputy Minister of the Higher Education Hon Nandimithra Ekanayaka
Director General of the SLIATE Present Director General of the SLIATE Mr.W. Hilary E. Silva
Deputy Director General (Academic Affairs) Deputy General of SLIATE Mrs. P De S Udakara


The Advanced Technological Institutes consists of 12 ATI's.[2] They are:

  1. Dehiwala ATI[3]
  2. Galle ATI[4]
  3. Kandy ATI[5][6]
  4. Kurunagala ATI[7][8]
  5. Badulla ATI[9][10]
  6. Jaffna ATI[11]
  7. Naiwala ATI[12]
  8. Ampara ATI[13][14]
  9. Trincomalee ATI[15]
  10. Labuduwa ATI [16][17][18][19][20][21]
  11. Colombo ATI[22][23]
  12. Kegalla ATI[24]


The following is a list of Advanced Technological Institute Sections:[25]

  1. Anuradapura Technical College[26][27]
  2. Rathnapura Technical College[28]
  3. Sammanthurai Technical College[29]
  4. Batticaloa Technical College[30]


Advanced Technology Institute conducts 12 courses:

  1. HNDIT (Higher National Diploma in Information Technology)
  2. HNDE (Higher National Diploma in Engineering)
  3. HNDA (Higher National Diploma in Accountancy)
  4. HNDM (Higher National Diploma in Management)
  5. HNDQS (Higher National Diploma in Quantity Survey)
  6. HNDBSE (Higher National Diploma in Building Service Engineering)
  7. HNDT - Agri (Higher National Diploma in Technology)
  8. HNDFT (Higher National Diploma in Food Technology)
  9. HNDTHM (Higher National Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management)
  10. HND in English
  11. HNDBA (Higher National Diploma in Business Administration)
  12. HNDBF (Higher National Diploma in Business Finance)