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Advantage Business Media LLC (ABM) is a private, American digital marketing and information services company owned by the venture capital firm Owner Resource Group.[1][2] The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Rockaway, New Jersey (United States).[2]

Business model[edit]

In the period between 2006 and 2014, the company transitioned from print-centric to digital media, increasing digital revenues from 11% to 50% of total revenues.[3][4] The company's growth during this period has come from both "organic" growth and strategic acquisitions.[3]

Among the company's vertical market alignments is the manufacturing sector.[3]

Corporate governance[edit]

As of 2014, ABM does not have a chief executive officer (CEO).[3] Richard Reiff was the last CEO, who left in March 2014.[3]

Other officers as of 2014 include George Fox as president, Theresa Freeburg as chief financial officer and chief operating officer, and Don Grennan as vice president for publishing services.[2]


In 2006, Rich Reiff and George Fox purchased several publications from Reed Business Information with the backing of private equity provided by Catalyst Investors.[4] Catalyst sold ABM to Owner Resource Group in 2014.[1]

In 2011, ABM acquired Continuity Insights and Vicon Publishing;[4] this was followed in 2013 by acquisition of eMedia Vitals.[3]

Titles published by ABM[edit]

As of 2011, ABM published 19 titles.[4]

Publication titles and ISO 4 abbreviations are listed

  • CED[5]
  • Chem.Info[5]
  • Electronic Component News (Electron. Compon. News) aka ECN[1][5]
  • Food Manufacturing (Food Manuf.)[5]
  • Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations (Ind. Maint. Plant Oper.)[5]
  • Laboratory Equipment (Lab. Equip.)[5]
  • Manufacturing Business Technology (Manuf. Bus. Technol.)[1]
  • Medical Design Technology (Med. Des. Technol.)[5]
  • Pharmaceutical Processing (Pharm. Process.)[5]
  • Product Design & Development (Prod. Des. Dev.)[1]
  • Wireless Week (Wirel. Week)[1]


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