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Adventist Currents is a discontinued magazine which was published independently by progressively-minded Seventh-day Adventists from 1983 until 1988.


The first issue of Adventist Currents appeared in July 1983.[1] The magazine was published independently by members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America,[2] specifically, by Mars Hill Publications, Inc. in Loma Linda, California.[1] It was a response to the controversial dismissal of Seventh-day Adventist theologian Desmond Ford in 1980.[3]

Perhaps its most commonly cited article is "Currents Interview: Walter Martin" by Douglas Hackleman, Adventist Currents 1:1 (July 1983), p15. Walter Martin was an evangelical who had much to do with the Adventist church's increasing acceptance as a valid Christian denomination, which is also related to the production of Questions on Doctrine.[2]

Another significant article was by Molleurus Couperus, "The Significance of Ellen White’s Head Injury" Adventist Currents 1:6 (June 1985), p. 31 (link points to a republished version on a site critical of Adventism). In this article Couperus, an Adventist physician, controversially suggested that church co-founder Ellen G. White's visions were due to temporal lobe epilepsy. Another physician, Donald Peterson, has responded in "Visions or Seizures: Was Ellen White the Victim of Epilepsy?", which is published on the official Ellen G. White Estate website.

Volume 1 spanned 1983 to 1985 and contained 6 issues. Volume 2 spanned 1985 to 1987 with 4 issues. The final issue was Volume 3:1 published in April 1988.[1] Several issues of a newsletter were published in 1990.[4]

It has been claimed that the magazine Adventist Today filled the void left by Adventist Currents when it ceased publication.

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  • Archives from private website "Perspective Publications" by Douglas Hackleman


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