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Adventus Incorporated is a Canadian IT company founded in 1996 specializing in educational software. The company is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1996, Adventus began designing piano software that allowed MIDI instruments to communicate with a computer.

Software Titles

  • Piano Suite Premier
  • Children's Music Journey
  • Ear Training Coach
  • MusIQ Challenger Game

Piano Suite Premier

Unveiled in 1998, Piano Suite guides beginner and intermediate musicians through interactive lessons by providing immediate feedback on their playing. Piano Suite Premier is published in four languages and is rated “Best in Class” by the International Society for Technology in Education[citation needed]. Piano Suite Software has been updated numerous times (version 2.6 is the most recent).

Children's Music Journey (3 Level Series) In 2005, Adventus released Children's Music Journey, an animated interactive program that enables teaching young children how to read music, play the piano with both hands, and compose.

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