Aegae (Achaea)

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This article is about the ancient city in Achaea. For other uses, see Aigai.
Map of Ancient Achaea

Aegae or Aigai (Ancient Greek: Αἰγαὶ, Modern Greek: Αιγές) was an ancient settlement in Achaea located northwest of modern Aigeira. It was situated near the river Krathis, between the towns Boura and Aigeira.[1] It was mentioned by Homer in Book 5 of the Odyssey, in which Poseidon "lashed his long-maned horses and drove to Aegae, where he had his famous palace" after having destroyed Odysseus' raft with a storm. There was a cult of Poseidon in the town, and it was abandoned in or before the 3rd century BC.[2]

The location of the ancient city has been found and excavated near Aigeira.[3]


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