Aegialeus (King of Argos)

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For other figures named Aegialeus, see Aegialeus.

Aegialeus[pronunciation?] was the elder son of Adrastus, a king of Argos, and either Amphithea or Demonassa.[1] Aegialeus was identified as one of the Epigoni, who avenged their fathers' disastrous attack on the city of Thebes by retaking the city, by both Pausanias and Hellanikos. While his father was the only one of the Seven Against Thebes who did not die in the battle, Aegialeus was the only one of the leaders of the Epigoni who was killed when they retook the city. Laodamas, the son of Eteocles, killed him at Glisas, and he was buried at Pagae in Megaris.[2] Adrastus died of grief after his son's death, and Diomedes, Adrastus' grandson by his daughter Deipyle, succeeded him. Aegialeus' son was Cyanippus, who took the throne following the exile of Diomedes.


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