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Aegis is a software change management system first released in 1991. It supports a strongly test-driven development workflow on top of any number of different underlying revision control systems, such as RCS or SCCS. It is released under the GNU GPL.

The Aegis testing model predates the sort of test-driven development (TDD) popularized by Extreme Programming, and is actually a generalization of TDD. Aegis requires that, by default, every change include one or more new or modified tests, that the tests be demonstrated to fail when executed against the currently checked-in source code baseline, and the tests be demonstrated to pass when executed against the newly changed code. This requires that tests be written as self-contained scripts, without any reliance on external test data. In contrast, test-driven development typically requires that the test be written or modified and demonstrated to fail first, before the underlying source code has been modified as part of implementing the change.

Aegis also supports a decentralized changeset-driven model for distributed software development.

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