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This article is about the national anthem of North Korea. For the national anthem of South Korea, see Aegukga. For the national anthem of Korean Empire, see Korean Empire Aegukga.
English: Patriotic Song
Emblem of North Korea.svg
North Korean emblem

National anthem of  Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Also known as Ach'imŭn pinnara
English: Let Morning Shine
Lyrics Pak Seyŏng, 1946[citation needed]
Music Kim Wŏn'gyun, 1945[citation needed]
Adopted 1947
Music sample
Chosŏn'gŭl 애국가
Hancha 愛國歌
Revised Romanization Aegukga
McCune–Reischauer Aegukka

"Aegukka" (English: "Patriotic Song") is the national anthem of North Korea.


"Aegukka" is a Romanized transliteration of "Patriotic Song"; the song is also known by the first phrase of the song Ach'imŭn pinnara or "Let Morning Shine".


The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea (1919–1945) in Shanghai, China adopted as their national anthem "Aegukga" (which has the same name with a different Romanization). After World War II, South Korea kept the words, put to a new tune (changed from Auld Lang Syne), while North Korea adopted this newly written piece in 1947. The words were written by Pak Seyŏng and the music was composed by Kim Wŏn'gyun (김원균; 金元均; 1917-2002).


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McCune–Reischauer transliteration of Korean
Ach’imŭn pinnara i kangsan
Ŭn’gŭme chawŏndo kadŭkhan
Samch’ŏlli arŭmdaun nae choguk
Panmannyŏn oraen ryŏksaë
Ch’allanhan munhwaro charanan
Sŭlgiron inminŭi i yŏnggwang
Momgwa mam ta pach’yŏ i Chosŏn
Kiri pattŭse
Paektusan kisangŭl ta anko
Kŭlloŭi chŏngsinŭn kittŭrŏ
Chilliro mungch’yŏjin ŏksen ttŭt
On segye apsŏ nagari
Sonnŭn him nododo naemirŏ
Inminŭi ttŭsŭro sŏn nara
Hanŏpsi puganghanŭn i Chosŏn
Kiri pinnaese

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English translation of lyrics
Let morning shine on this land,
Filled with the wealth of silver and gold,
My beautiful three thousand Li Fatherland,
With a five thousand year history.
Raised up with a brilliant culture,
This glory to a wise people!
All our bodies and minds let us pledge
To supporting this Korea forever.
Embracing all the spirits of Paektu Mountain,
And preserving spirit and mindset of labour,
May the firm will, bonded with truth,
Surpass all of the world.
Releasing even our strength like raging waves,
The country established by the will of the people,
This Korea, limitlessly rich and strong,
May its path be filled with light forever!