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Aemilia Clara was a Roman woman who lived in the 2nd century. She and her family originally came from the colony of Hadrumetum, Africa (modern Sousse, Tunisia, North Africa).

She was most probably the namesake of her mother. Her paternal grandfather was Marcus Salvius Julianus, who was of the gens Salvius (the same gens that Roman emperor Otho belongs to). Julianus was a prominent jurist who served under emperor Hadrian (reigned 117–136). As a jurist, he compiled the Edictum Perpetuum, a collection of praetor’s statement of the principles to be used in administering justice. Another compilation was Digesta, 90 books cited in Byzantine Emperor Justinian I’s Digest. He was twice consul and prefect of Rome. Her father of the same name also served as a jurist. Her brother of the same name was betrothed to a daughter of jurist Taruntenus Paternus.

She married Quintus Petronius Didius Severus, a Roman who came from a prominent family in Milan, Italy. Their sons were:

  • Marcus Didius Severus Julianus or Didius Julianus, briefly Roman Emperor in 193.
  • Didius Proculus, whose son was betrothed to his niece Didia Clara.
  • Didius Nummius Albinus.


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