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Aemilianus can refer to a number of people in Classical history:

  • Aemilianus (207–253), emperor of Rome for several months in 253 AD.
  • Scipio Aemilianus (185 BC–129 BC), son of Lucius Aemilius Paulus Macedonicus, was adopted by Publius Cornelius Scipio, the son of Scipio Africanus
  • Mussius Aemilianus, one of the Thirty Tyrants. He supported the rebellion of the Macriani against Gallienus (260-261 AD), and afterwards probably proclaimed himself emperor
  • Saint Aemilianus (died 484) (also called Aemilius), martyred in Africa
  • Aemilianus, a bishop of Nantes during Charlemagne's reign (i.e. late 8th century), who supposedly fought the Saracens
  • Saint Emilian of Cogolla (473–572) (also known as Aemilianus Cucullatus, Aemiliano or Millán de la Cogolla), a Spanish saint.