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Aeolidia papillosa 2.jpg
Aeolidia papillosa
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
(unranked): clade Heterobranchia

clade Euthyneura
clade Nudipleura
clade Nudibranchia
clade Dexiarchia
clade Cladobranchia
clade Aeolidida

Superfamily: Aeolidioidea
Family: Aeolidiidae
Orbigny, 1834
Genera and species
See text.
  • Eolidininae (Invalid: Placed on the Official Index by ICZN Opinion 780)
  • Pleurolidiidae
  • Protaeolidiellidae
  • Spurillidae

Aeolidiidae, the aeolid nudibranchs, are a family of sea slugs, shell-less marine gastropod mollusks.[1]

Many feed on hydroids (anemones) and thus have highly serrated radular teeth.[2]


Genera and species within the Aeolidiidae include:

Genera brought into synonymy
  • Aeolis Menke, 1844: synonym of Aeolidia Cuvier, 1797
  • Eolidia Cuvier, 1816: synonym of Aeolidia Cuvier, 1797
  • Eolis Cuvier, 1805: synonym of Aeolidia Cuvier, 1797


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