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Not to be confused with Aeromobil.

AeroMobile Communications Limited is a UK-based GSM service provider for the aviation industry. AeroMobile provides technology and services that enable airline passengers to use their own mobile phones for voice, texting and mobile data while inflight.

The company was bought from Telenor by Panasonic as AeroMobile's technology was a component of Panasonic's Global Communications Suite[1] As part of the Panasonic Group’s Global Communication Suite, AeroMobile services are available for installation either at the point of aircraft manufacture (line fit) or on aircraft in service (retrofit) across both Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Since 2008 over 17 million passengers have connected to the AeroMobile network in flight.[2][3][4][4][5]

Passengers can use AeroMobile services onboard selected Emirates, Etihad, SAS, Transaero and Virgin Atlantic flights. Kevin Rogers was announced as AeroMobile’s new CEO in March 2013. Previously Head of Revenue Development, Rogers joined AeroMobile in February 2008 from Telenor, where he was previously Director and Vice President of Group Marketing.[6]

Company milestones[edit]

Date Event Details
September 2004 First demonstration of GSM voice and text services over Inmarsat Aero H Satcom At World Airline Entertainment Association Congress
May 2005 First demonstration of GSM voice and text services over Inmarsat Aero H on Boeing 777 B777-200LR World Tour
November 2005 Public use of GSM voice and text service in-flight B777-200LR world record flight
April 2006 Demonstration of GSM voice, text and GPRS services over Inmarsat Swift Broadband and Ku Band Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg
April 2007 First commercial service of in-flight voice, text and GPRS On Qantas domestic B767
March 2008 Launch of commercial in-flight GSM service on A340 Emirates A340-300 Dubai to Casablanca
August 2008 World's first commercial in-flight GSM service on B777 Emirates B777-300 Dubai to London Heathrow
October 2008 World's first commercial in-flight GSM service on A330 Emirates A330-200
November 2008 Malaysia Airlines become the first air carrier in Asia to launch trial of in-flight GSM service Malaysia Airlines B777-200
December 2008 50,000 passengers use the AeroMobile service December 10 on Emirates flight number EK0923 from Dubai to Cairo
February 2009 100,000 passengers use the AeroMobile service February 15 on Emirates flight number EK0404 from Dubai to Singapore
July 2009 AeroMobile's technology completes certification on sixth aircraft type A340-300, A340-500, B777-200, A330-200, B777-300, B777-300ER
February 2010 AeroMobile becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Telenor
February 2011 5,000,000th Emirates passenger switches on their phone in-flight Emirates Airlines flight EK0097 from Dubai to Rome
December 2011 Virgin Atlantic launch in-flight GSK service Ten Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330 and Six B747-400 aircraft
June 2012 Gulf Air launch in-flight GSM service Six Gulf Air A330-200 aircraft
August 2012 Transaero launch in-flight GSM service Transaero Boeing 777-300 aircraft
Autumn 2012 Over 12 million unique users use AeroMobile service
September 2012 Delivery of 1st AeroMobile line-fit from Boeing Thai Airways B777-300ER
December 2012 First AeroMobile flight on SAS SAS B737 OSL to EVE


  • Republic of Ireland Aer Lingus - A330-200s and A330-300s
  • France Air France - B777
  • Hong Kong Cathay Pacific - A330-300, B777-200, B777-300ER, B747-400, A340-500, GSM and GPRS services
  • Hong Kong Dragonair - A330-300, A320, A321, GSM and GPRS (email) services
  • United Arab Emirates Emirates Airline - Launched 2008: A330-200s, A340-300s, A340-500s, B777-200, B777-300ERs, GSM and GPRS services
  • United Arab Emirates Etihad - Launched 2012: A330s and B777-300ERs
  • Netherlands KLM - B777
  • Germany Lufthansa - A330-300s, B747-400s, B747-800s, A380-800s, A340-300s, GSM and GPRS services
  • Australia Qantas - Launched 2007: Trial on an B767, GSM and GPRS services (ended 2008)
  • Denmark Norway Sweden SAS - Launched 2012: B737s GSM and GPRS (email) services
  • Singapore Singapore Airlines
  • Thailand Thai Airways - B777-300ER
  • Russia Transaero – Launched 2012: B777-300s, B747-400s GSM and GPRS (email) services
  • Turkey Turkish Airlines - A330-300s and B777-300ERs
  • Australia V Australia - B777s
  • United Kingdom Virgin Atlantic - Launched 2011: A330, B747-400 GSM and GPRS services

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