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Aerochix is a Boston, Massachusetts based all-female Aerosmith tribute act. The band concept was created by drummer Joni Scimone during the Summer of 2009. Joni enlisted longtime friend Lisa Addario to play the part of Joe Perry, and they later joined forces with Justine Klein to form the core of the band in October 2009. The timing of the completion of the lineup aligned with Aerosmith's 2010 Cocked, Loaded and Ready to Rock tour, followed by Steven Tyler's becoming a judge on the popular series American Idol '​s 2011 season. The band added second guitarist Sara Leketa in 2010.


Current members[edit]

  • Rachel Clayton (Tyler) - vocals
  • Lisa Addario (Perry) - guitar
  • Sara Leketa (Whitford) - guitar
  • Justine Klein (Hamilton) - bass
  • Joni Scimone (Kramer) - drums


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