Aeromexico Flight 230

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Aeroméxico Flight 230
Flight 230 in flames after running off the runway.
Runway overrun summary
Date 27 July 1981
Summary Slid off runway in bad weather
Site General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport, Chihuahua, Mexico
Passengers 60
Crew 6
Injuries (non-fatal) 34
Fatalities 32 (30 passengers, 2 crew)
Survivors 34
Aircraft type McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32
Aircraft name Yucatan
Operator Aeromexico
Registration XA-DEN
Flight origin Monterey-General Mariano Escobedo International Airport
Destination Chihuahua International Airport

Aeroméxico Flight 230 was a flight that, on July 27, 1981, experienced a hard landing at Chihuahua Airport and broke up. A fire broke out and 32 people were killed. The flight was on a DC-9-32 jet aircraft.

Accident Sequence[edit]

The flight was uneventful until landing at Chihuahua. There were isolated cumulonimbus clouds with strong squalls and showers during approach and landing. Upon touchdown, the aircraft bounced once and struck the ground; the aircraft then slid off the runway, broke up and caught on fire. 34 passengers and crew were able to flee the wreckage; the smoke and fire caused the deaths of those that remained trapped.[1][2]


Bad weather was blamed for this accident.

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