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The degree of Technicien aéronautique d'exploitation (TAE, in English Aeronautical operations technician) is a certification created in 2011. It is a title recognized by CNCP,[1] and recorded level IV in the National Classification of Levels of Training. The graduation is after a training at the École nationale de l'aviation civile (French civil aviation university).


The TAE course started in 1962.[2] It was originally named « Agent d'Exploitation » (Handling Agent / Flight Dispatcher). The new name was introduced in November 2010.[3]


The students have three possibilities to integrate the course :


The training is in seven months in Toulouse or, since September 2012,[6] on the Aerocampus » of Latresne[7] in a dual education system. The curriculum propose, in substantially equal parts, general lessons of aeronautics and practical lessons : air navigation, telecommunications and aeronautical information, aircraft flight mechanics, navigation, avionics, meteorology, air operations, air law, English, ....

The course ends by a four weeks internship.[8]


The Technicien aéronautique d'exploitation is responsible for the flight preparation and flight planning, passengers, freight management and pricing. he works for an airline or an airport.[9]

Personality related[edit]

  • Joel Laitselart (Promotion 1987), air operations teacher at ENAC and former operations manager of Aeris.[10]



  • Ariane Gilotte, Jean-Philippe Husson et Cyril Lazerge, 50 ans d'Énac au service de l'aviation, Édition S.E.E.P.P, 1999

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