Aeronautics Defense Orbiter

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Bespilotna letelica Orbiter VS.JPG
A Serbian Orbiter UAV
Role Reconnaissance UAV
National origin Israel
Manufacturer Aeronautics Defense Systems

The Orbiter Mini UAV System Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a compact and lightweight system designed for use in Military and Homeland Security missions. It has been used with great effect in the Middle East since it was first developed. The system is used for 'Over The Hill' reconnaissance missions, Low Intensity Conflicts and Urban warfare operations as well as any close range ISTAR mission. It is manufactured by the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd.[1]

According to news reports, an Orbiter Mini UAV, operated by the Mexican Federal Government, likely the Federal Police, malfunctioned on December 17, 2010. During a surveillance operation, it crossed the border into US airspace and crashed in El Paso, TX.[2] No property was damaged, as the UAV apparently deployed a parachute during its descent. It was reported to and retrieved by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.