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Aeronutronic was a defense and space related division of Ford Motor Company set up in 1956 as Aeronutronic Systems, Inc.[1]

The name Aeronutronic is a portmanteau of aeronautics, nucleonics, and electronics.[citation needed]

In 1961 Ford purchased Philco and merged the two companies in 1963. Aeronutronic provided major support for the development of Project Space Track. Philco Aeronutronic became NASA's primary communications equipment vendor during the 1960s, also building the consoles in the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston. Many portions of the Philco side of the company were sold off in the 1970s and 80s, until in 1975 all that was left was the original Aeronutronic divisions. These were renamed Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation in December 1976, and then again to Ford Aerospace Corporation in January 1988.

In October 1990 what remained was sold to Loral to become Space Systems/Loral.

In 1996 Loral's defense electronics and system integration businesses were acquired by Lockheed Martin.

The plant was closed in 1997.