Aerosvit Flight 241

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Aerosvit Flight 241
Tiger Air Yakovlev Yak-42 Maiwald.jpg
UR-42334 in service with Tiger Air in the mid-1990s
Accident summary
Date 17 December 1997
Summary Controlled flight into terrain
Site Pierian Mountains, Greece
40°13′38″N 22°14′29″E / 40.227271°N 22.241433°E / 40.227271; 22.241433Coordinates: 40°13′38″N 22°14′29″E / 40.227271°N 22.241433°E / 40.227271; 22.241433
Passengers 62
Crew 8
Injuries (non-fatal) 0
Fatalities 70 (all)
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Yakovlev Yak-42
Operator Aerosvit – Ukrainian Airlines
Registration UR-42334
Flight origin Boryspil International Airport, Kiev, Ukraine
Stopover Odessa International Airport, Odessa, Ukraine
Destination Thessaloniki International Airport, Thessaloniki, Greece

Aerosvit Flight 241 was a scheduled passenger flight from Kiev which crashed during a missed approach into Thessaloniki in Greece, killing all 70 people aboard.

The flight and accident[edit]

Aerosvit Flight 241 was originally scheduled to be operated by a Boeing 737. The first sector of the flight from Kiev-Odessa was operated by the Boeing 737 but due to engine issues the aircraft was swapped to a Yakovlev Yak-42. The flight continued onwards towards Thessaloniki, Greece. As Flight 241 made its approach to the airport, the flight missed the instrument landing system (ILS) approach and had to perform a go-around. The crew were told to head north and hold for a second attempt. The crew failed to do the published missed ILS approach procedure and headed west-southwest, flying into the side of Mount Pieria at 3,300 feet (1,006 m). The crash killed all 70 passengers and crew.[1]

Rescue search[edit]

A search party was formed when the flight went missing. The Greek Air Force helped out in the search for the wreckage.

On 20 December 1997, the wreckage was found, three days after the initial accident.

A Lockheed C-130 Hercules operated by the Greek Air Force, participating in the search for Flight 241, crashed near Athens, Greece, killing all five crew members.

The aircraft[edit]

The flight was operated by a Yakovlev Yak-42, registration UR-42334. The aircraft first flew in 1986.


Victims' nationalities[2]
Nationality Passengers Crew Total
Greece 34 0 34
Ukraine 24 8 32
Poland 2 0 2
Germany 1 0 1
Total 61 8 69


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