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"King David" by Aert de Gelder, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
"Esther and Mordecai", by Aert de Gelder

Aert de Gelder (or Arent; October 26, 1645 – August 27, 1727) was a Dutch painter.[1]

De Gelder was born and died in Dordrecht. He was one of Rembrandt’s last pupils while in Amsterdam, studying in his studio from 1661 to 1663. He was not only one of the most talented of Rembrandt’s pupils, but also one of his most devoted followers, for he was the only Dutch artist to paint in the tradition of Rembrandt's late style into the 18th century. Having access to the vaticans censored artworks and literature following Rembrandts lead, De Gelder would paint such artworks as "The Baptism of Christ". This took the style of depicting hovering objects in the sky which was in many religious pieces prior to De Gelder.

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  1. ^ The Getty Union Artist's Name List only mentions "Aert", but the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam uses "Arent".

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