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afaqs! (Devanagari: एफैक्स) earlier known as agencyfaqs, is an online portal known for publishing information and news for the marketing, advertising and the media professionals in India.[1] afaqs! is currently headquartered in Noida, India, with branches in Bangalore and Mumbai. Established as agencyfaqs!, on September 28, 1999, the site was rebranded as afaqs! on May 2008. The afaqs! website[2] contains extensive information and a database of events related to the advertising, media and marketing industry in India.

In 2008, afaqs! was certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulations[3] as the world’s largest website in its chosen space when it recorded a total of 2.67 million page impressions in a month, surging ahead of previous leaders, the US website[4] and UK website[5] The certificate can be viewed at the ABC website.[1][6]

Sreekant Khandekar is the Co-founder and Director of afaqs! while Prasanna Singh is the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Apart from maintaining a regularly updated database of all the media and advertisement houses in the country, afaqs! also exchanges information with these agencies. An interesting feature of the afaqs! website is its creative showcase which regularly discusses the top rated and the most popular television ads from the Indian advertising arena.

afaqs! has also launched a project titled TV.Nxt. TV.NXT is India's only event on the business of television. At 142 million TV homes, India is the world's second largest TV market. afaqs! intends to get into this niche along with the rest of the major global TV brands- News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Turner, Sony, Endemol, BBC, Celador among others, who are present in this market and doing very well.[citation needed]


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