Italian battleship Affondatore

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Affondatore (1865).jpg
Career (Italy)
Name: Affondatore
Namesake: "Affondatore" is Italian for "Sinker"
Operator: Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy)
Ordered: 11 October 1862
Builder: Harrison, Millwall, London, United Kingdom
Laid down: 11 April 1863
Launched: 3 November 1865
Completed: Entered service in incomplete state 20 June 1866
Struck: 11 October 1907
Fate: Scrapped
Notes: Served as floating ammunition depot after being stricken
General characteristics
Type: Ironclad ram
Displacement: 4,006 long tons (4,070 t) normal
4,307 long tons (4,376 t) full load
Length: 89.56 m between perpendiculars
93.89 m length overall
Beam: 12.20 m
Draft: 6.35 m
Installed power: 2,717 ihp (2,026 kW)
Propulsion: 1 shaft single-expansion steam engine, 8 rectangular boilers, sails
Speed: 12 knots (14 mph; 22 km/h) (using engine)
Endurance: 1,647 nautical miles (3,050 km) at 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph)
Complement: 309, later 356
Armament: 2 × 228-mm guns, 2 × 80 mm landing guns
Armor: Iron armor
Side: 127 mm maximum
Deck: 50 mm
Turrets: 127 mm

Affondatore was an ironclad warship of the Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy), built in the 1860s. Her name translates as "Sinker".

Affondatore ca. 1866

She was an armoured turret-ship built by Harrison, Millwall, London for the Italian navy. Construction commenced in 1863; the ship, despite being incomplete, was brought to Italy a few days before the Third Italian War of Independence.

Eight boilers powered one steam engine, generating 2,700 HP and propelling her at 12 knots. She carried 474 tonnes of coal, giving her a range of 1,647 miles at 10 knots, adequate for the time's Mediterranean engagements.

Maximum protection was 127 mm of iron armour. The main armament consisted of two rifled Armstrong guns and two smaller 80 mm smoothbore cannon to be used in landings. Engaged at the Battle of Lissa against the Austrian in 1866, she unsuccessfully tried to ram the Austrian ships, and received damage which caused her to founder in Ancona harbour two days later.

She was eventually raised. In 1867-1873 the two masts were replaced by one, astern the funnel, and a secondary armament was added, including 6 120mm/40, 8 57 mm and 4 37 mm guns. In 1891 it also received four torpedo launchers. Affondatore served with the Italian navy in the Mediterranean until her decommissioning in October 1907. Her armament stripped, she was brought to the Taranto Harbour, where she was used as an ammunition depot before being scrapped.

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