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Afra Mall (Arabic: مركز عفراء التجاري ‎ translated as Afra Shopping Centre) is the first shopping mall in Sudan, located in Khartoum.

Opened on February 21, 2004, the mall has an area of 30,000 m² with an indoor and outdoor parking facility, as well as an outdoor children playground. Afra Mall features department stores, a hypermarket superstore, 3 movie theatres, food court, internet cafe, pool tables and bowling hall. Stores features footwear, clothing, electronics, beauty salons, currency exchange facility, while the food court offer diverse menus including Middle Eastern, Chinese, Turkish and Italian food. With economics sanctions, all transactions are handled in cash with no room for credit card or checks.

A substantial portion of the shopping center ignited in early May 2012. Source of the fire is still under investigation.


Afra Mall is located in Arkawet, a suburb of Khartoum, about less than 3 kilometers from Khartoum International Airport. Taxis, Amjaads(4-wheeled microvans), and buses are commuting services that are available within the mall, however there are no convenient taxi services still found in the city to reach the mall.

Business profile[edit]

Afra Mall was built with a 30% Turkish and 70% Sudanese investment with a cost of $US50 million. On February 21, 2004, Sudanese top officials, Turkish investors as well as potential foreign investors inaugurated the operation of the mall.

The centre itself is small in comparison to other malls in western countries. The superstore itself stocks mainly Saudi Arabian products but some western brands are available. Whitegoods, laptops and other appliances are available although the range is limited.

The specialty stores include a computer store, mobile phone store, numerous money exchanges, men's fashion, jewellery store and several western themed clothing stores. It also contains a coffee shop as well as a small food court.

The opening hours for the centre vary depending on season.


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