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Headquarters South Korea
Parent AfreecaTV Co., Ltd. (2011-)
Nowcom (2006-2011)
Alexa rank negative increase 3,090 (April 2014)[1]
Type of site Video hosting service, Video streaming service
Registration Available
Available in Korean
Current status Active

AfreecaTV (short for 'Any FREE broadCasting')(KRX: 067160) is a P2P technology-based video streaming service. It is now owned and operated by AfreecaTV Co., Ltd. in South Korea after Nowcom's AfreecaTV Co.,Ltd and ZettaMedia split in 2011.[2]

AfreecaTV initially started as a W beta service and was officially named "AFREECA” on March 9, 2006.

The site mainly re-transmits TV channels, but also allows users to upload their own videos and shows.[3]

Functions such as broadcasting, viewing, channel listing, live chatting, and discussion boards. are provided. Users are required to install 'Afreeca Player' for grid delivery.

Independent broadcasters called Broadcasting Jockeys (BJs) deliver live broadcasts to viewers, who can add them to their list of favorite channels using an Afreeca Player tool. Some channels have tens of thousands of viewers at any given time. Paid services such as quick views or channel relays allow BJs additional sources of revenue.

The platform itself ranges anywhere from TV broadcasts, live video game broadcasts, taxi driver monitoring, artist performances,[4] and personal daily-life video blogs and shows for actresses and professional broadcasters

The head of Afreeca's parent company Nowcom, Mun Yong-sik, was arrested in 2008 for illegally distributing pirated films. Some alleged the arrest was politically motivated due to Afreeca being used by protesters to coordinate.[5]

On September 27, 2012, afreecaTV English was released on the Google Play store.



  • Users can broadcast live video and sound from conventional computer equipment without the need for sophisticated hardware.
  • Created a platform to communicate with viewers in real-time and express personal opinions and feelings
  • BJs can broadcast for the purpose of showing themselves or sharing live duplications of what they are viewing on their computer screens
  • Being able to deliver a movie with direct input using a capture board
  • By using the AfreecaTV mobile application, users can share their broadcasts on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook


  • Afreeca Mobile player for iOS was developed and launched at the same time as the 2009 Apple iPhone release.
  • In June 2010, the functions of easy broadcasting and viewing were added to be mobile applications.
  • The Android version of the mobile application was released in Oct 2010 and included the broadcasting function in Feb 2011.


  • By donating at least one Star balloon item, viewers become a part of a BJ’s fan club.
  • Some BJs are popular as celebrities. When they broadcast, tens of thousands viewers watch their show. BJ fan club members are known to create and give fan art and items to their idols.
  • BJs can appoint their ‘broadcast managers’ from his/her fan club members so that they help to manage the chat room or BJ’s channel page.


  • Star balloon (exchangeable to cash) : A present/donation item that viewers give BJs to express their appreciation
  • Quick View : Skip advertisements and be permitted entry into full-crowded channels
  • Sticker(exchangeable for additional functions) : A present that viewers give BJs. BJs use stickers for broadcast options (bitrate, max viewer etc.)

Social Impact[edit]

One example of expansion of Afreeca's role is the hosting of a live talk session with Mayor Park of Seoul, broadcast live online and via mobile on Afreeca TV.[6] He used the platform as a way to conduct a community scanning forum to collect public opinions and allow bloggers with various areas of expertise to participate in the dialogue. The bloggers were able to address the problems facing Seoul and propose solutions in their areas of expertise, while also exchanging ideas with Mayor Park in an in-depth discussion on the administration of the Seoul municipal government.

It has become a major trend for everyone to freely express their opinions on all subjects including politics, economics, childcare, and education on their social networks, so the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been seen to be increasing efforts to communicate with citizens.

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