African Revival

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African Revival
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Founded 2005
Focus International Development
Method Education Assistance
Key people Tony Allen (Founder), Elizabeth Kennedy (Chair), Glen James (Vice Chair), Andrew White (CEO), Nathan Srokosz (CFO), Holly Smith (Fundraising & Communications Director)

African Revival is a UK charity (registered charity no: 1108718) which focuses on providing access to quality education education in sub Saharan Africa. African Revival currently has active projects in Uganda and Zambia, and also provides funding for projects taking place in South Sudan.


African Revival was founded in 2005 by the UK businessman Tony Allen, who remains closely involved as a member of the board of trustees.[1] African Revival initially had a broad focus across many sub Saharan countries and was involved in many aspects of rural development, including income generation and farming projects.

Vision and Mission[edit]

African Revival’s core vision is to work towards creating “an Africa where children have access to quality education, opportunity and choice for the future”. In order to work towards this aim, the charity’s mission is as follows;

To work directly with communities in Africa to:

  • Identify and overcome barriers to education
  • Build schools and facilities for a thriving learning environment
  • Deliver high quality educational models to achieve good standards of early years education
  • Train and motivate teachers and pupils to embed a love of learning for life
  • Encourage parents and communities to prioritise education for their children
  • Support sustainability through a community led approach


African Revival works closely with primary schools, teacher training colleges, local government education departments, parents and communities in order to improve the quality of education on offer.[2] Projects include infrastructure development, teacher training, provision of learning materials and micro finance. Infrastructure development focuses on areas such as classroom construction, latrine construction, teacher housing, borehole drilling and desk provision. Local communities actively participate in planning and managing projects through participation in need assessments, budgeting, material provision, and the provision of building staff.

African Revival also works closely with the schools to conduct training in areas such as hygiene, sanitation and community organisation. Through these means African Revival works to assist the schools in consolidating the gains made through improved infrastructure and facilities. With an increasingly strong focus on keeping girls in education for longer and supporting the improvement of results through rigorous monitoring and evaluation, African Revival considers a long term approach with ongoing support as vital to success in the community schools.

Over the years African Revival has implemented projects for partners including Unicef, War Child, SNV, EU and many more.


African Revival has projects in northern Uganda that include the areas around both Gulu and Kitgum which were hardest hit during the civil war. With the main office in Gulu, African Revival has a field office in Anaka and is actively involved in over 25 school projects in 2013. Although the focus of education support is very much at primary level, African Revival is now developing a programme of pre primary support.


African Revival currently works with around twenty schools in the Kalomo District of Southern Province, Zambia.


African Revival runs a number of fundraising events in the UK and abroad. Previous events include the Zambia Bike Challenge 2009 and 2011, the Ugandan bike ride in 2013 and an annual signature Ball, usually held in London. Previous Ball's include the 1920s Bootleg Ball hosted in the Park Lane Hotel in London, and a Beat the Goalie Competition attended by the Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable MP.[3] In 2013 African Revival's annual Ball will be held at the Landmark Hotel.


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