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CANA is the African Swimming Confederation: Confédération Africaine de Natation. It is the Continental Association charged with overseeing swimming for Africa.

CANA was founded in 1970, with 7 members. As of 2008, the Confederation now boast 43 members.[1]

Mustapha Larfaoui of Algeria is the current CANA President.


CANA is geographically divided into four (4) Zones, each of which hosts its own Age Group Championships. The Zones are as follows:

Zone Members
1  Algeria  Egypt  Libya  Morocco  Tunisia
2  Cameroon Republic of the Congo Congo  Ivory Coast Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo
 Ghana  Guinea  Mali  Niger
 Nigeria  Senegal  Togo
3  Burundi  Ethiopia  Kenya  Rwanda
 Sudan  Tanzania  Uganda
4  Angola  Botswana  Comoros  Lesotho  Madagascar
 Malawi  Mauritius  Mozambique  Namibia  Seychelles
 South Africa  Swaziland  Zambia  Zimbabwe

Other African FINA members:


  • African Swimming Championships (biennial, in even years; next is September 2010 in Casablanca, Morocco)
  • African Junior Swimming Championships
  • African Zone Swimming Championships (annual; multiple locations)


  1. ^ "Message from the President". Retrieved 2008-10-07.  Note: The 43 number is what is listed on the CANA website; however, FINA has 45 national federations in Africa.

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