African emigrants to Italy

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African emigrants to Italy
Total population
approx. 1,000,000 residents as of 2010.[1]
Regions with significant populations
Rome, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Bologna, Brescia, Bergamo, Florence
Italian, Afro-Asiatic languages, Niger–Congo languages, Nilo-Saharan languages
Predominantly Roman Catholicism (Orthodox, Others Christians) · Sunni Islam

African emigrants to Italy include Italian citizens and residents originally from Africa. Immigrants from Africa officially residing in Italy in 2010 numbered about 1,000,000 residents,[1](about 1.65% of total Italian population).


North and North East Africans[edit]

The largest group of immigrants from Africa are from North Africa, numbering about 647,000 official residents in 2010.[2] By country of origin, most of these recent arrivals are from Morocco (452,424), Tunisia (106,291), Egypt (90,365) and Algeria (25,935). Italy also has a number of immigrants from Libya (1,468), Somalia (8,112), Eritrea (13,368) and Ethiopia (8,593), territories where Italian expatriates had a presence during the colonial period.

West and Central Africans[edit]

Compared to North and Northeast Africans, the percentage of West and Central Africans as a proportion of immigrants to Italy from Africa is 30.6% (approximately 337,000 residents).[3]

West Africans represent the majority of Sub-Saharan Africans in Italy, who number around 337,000.[4] Most come from Senegal (80,989), Nigeria (53,613) and Ghana (46,890).

Notable individuals[edit]

The following is a list of notable African nationals who have immigrated to and now at least partially reside in Italy.



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