Africans in Hong Kong

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Africans in Hong Kong
Total population
20,000 (residing)
3,000 (permanent residents)
Regions with significant populations
Chungking Mansions
Christianity, Islam

Africans in Hong Kong constitute a small number of total residents in Hong Kong. There are approximately 20,000 immigrants from Africa who live in the city, 3,000 of whom are permanent residents.


The majority of African immigrants in Hong Kong are businessmen, who sell mobile phones and electronic devices in Chungking Mansions, in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.[1][2] 5% of the Africans living in Hong Kong are refugees.[3]

Many African immigrants live near the large Chungking Mansions bazaar. Here, some expatriates founded the African Committee of Hong Kong, the first and only state-sponsored organization serving the interests of Hong Kong's African residents.[3]

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