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Coordinates: 25°45′21″S 28°13′13″E / 25.7559°S 28.2202°E / -25.7559; 28.2202

Main building

The Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool is a public, Afrikaans-speaking high school for girls in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. It is the sister school of the Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool. The Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool (Afrikaans Boys' High School) also known as Affies, is a public high school for boys situated in the city of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. The school is a prestigious school in South Africa and well known throughout the country for its high academic standards, sports achievements, heritage and traditions and especially for its production of leaders in a variety of fields and subjects, in South Africa and throughout the world.

The school's founding on 28 January 1920 marked the establishment of the first purely Afrikaans-medium school in South Africa. This event predated the official recognition of the Afrikaans language by five years. With English as well as Dutch established as the official languages in South Africa, many of the Afrikaans speaking population believed Afrikaans should also enjoy recognition. Afrikaans as language grew so fast that Cornelis Jacobus Langenhoven tabled a motion in the Cape Provincial Council to slowly replace Dutch with Afrikaans. This thought was strongly supported by MP Mr Jan Joubert and Pastor Chris Neetling. As leaders in the community they quickly organized a group to establish a purely Afrikaans school in Pretoria. Starting 28 January 1920, with 44 children and 3 teachers, the school was founded. Contents

   1 Early history
   2 School Mission
   3 Coat of Arms
   4 Buildings
   5 Uniform
   6 School Museum
   7 School sports and activities
   8 School anthem
   9 Code of Honour (with English translation)
   10 Headmasters
   11 List of Headboys
   12 List of notable Old Affies (Alumni)
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Early history

The school was housed in the home of General Piet Joubert at 218 Visagie Street, Pretoria. By 1927, the school had grown and new premises were required. The school was therefore moved to the current premises of the Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool, Affies sister-school. At the end of 1927, the school took over the Hogere Oosteindschool, a Dutch-medium instruction school, suggestive of the demise of Dutch as a language in South Africa and the assumption of Afrikaans as the primary instruction medium.

By 1929 this building had also run out of space and the decision was made to split the boys and girls into separate schools, thus creating the first separate Afrikaans boys' and girls' schools in South Africa. These two schools are now situated across each other in Lynnwood Road. School Mission

The Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool is a Christian Afrikaans boys' school that strives to live out its unique tradition of excellent education to help build for the benefit of our nation and all its inhabitants. Coat of Arms

The various symbolic gestures in the school's coat of arms :

   The ox wagon symbolizes the balance of the Afrikaner nation. The wagon is settled and the journey is concluded.
   Ahead there lie acres of ground naked and clean, behind raise the mountains which were overcome.
   Everything is born out of the morning sun's bright rays and it is a new day for our nation.
   The coat of arms is surrounded by ox horns, the symbol of our protection.

Buildings Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool night shot.jpg

The school has an Astro-Turf, mini Astro, state-of-the-art fully stocked gymnasium and an impressive library. The school also has three boarding-houses, the largest being House Frank Le Roux (named after the first headmaster), and a few school- and memorial buildings. The school also has 3 state of the art fully stocked computer classrooms. The school hall is famed for its acoustic quality and has held numerous musical and theatrical acts and shows.

Affies is proud of its many supporter clubs for all of the activities. These all have clubhouses situated on the school grounds. Uniform

The famous Affie cap is the oldest piece of clothing that has remained unchanged since its first use in 1932. This unique "Pet" as the schoolboys call it is an integral part of their tradition; it is widely known as a trademark of the school. The pupils take great pride in wearing them while observing proper cap etiquette. A long-standing tradition is that every boy wears his cap on a Friday.

Affies is also famous for its prestige ties that pupils earn. There are 8 different ties :

   The normal school tie.
   The Matric tie that is only worn by the Grade 12's.
   The Prefect tie, that is worn by the elected student council learners.
   The First Team tie, that is worn by first team members of each respective sport.
   The Academics tie, for all who maintain a distinction average.
   The Culture tie, which is earned for achievements in cultural activities.
   The Headboy tie, this tie is passed on each year to the new headboy.
   Since 1970 there has been a tie for each decade of the school's existence, the latest being the 2010-tie.

Because these ties are awarded for top achievements each pupil earning a special tie wears it with great pride. School Museum Historical wall displays, Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool, Pretoria.jpg

Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool has a rich history with a museum housed in the Media Centre in one of the beautiful old buildings on the school grounds. It shows the rich culture of the school since its establishment in 1920, depicting through various images and timelines the history of the school.

The school also has an excellent library, with thousands of books and PC's with internet access and printing facilities. The library is rich in history, with all the walls being covered with the photos of matriculated groups since 1920. The library first was used in the early days of the school as the school hall, but it has been redone in 1999 and a brand new hall was built, making way for the library.

On 26 July 2012 the museum was opened to the public, for any interested individuals to visit and explore the heritage of the school. The museum was the brainchild of the current headmaster, Dr. Pierre Edwards. The school has its own archivist Gustav Pfeil, who sorts through thousands of donated and stored documents, most of which are still in its original print, related to the school. School sports and activities


Affies is famed as one of the elite rugby schools in South Africa.[citation needed] It has produced many Springboks in the past and continues to supply talent to the SA Schools and SA Academy sides. Affies have a huge talent pool and is rich in depth. There are more than 10 senior teams each year, and at all ages teams as far as G-teams are filled up. Affies did not play in the Beeldtrofee rugby tournament since 2006 as the B to G teams would struggle to all play on a Saturday.

Each year Affies challenges the country's leading rugby schools such as Grey College (Bloemfontein), Maritzburg College (Pietermaritzburg), Glenwood High School, Hoërskool Noord-Kaap and many more. At these derby matches each and every team gets a chance to take the field against the Rooi, Geel en Groen.

Affies has produced top players such as Louis Schmidt, Wynand Olivier, Fourie du Preez and current Blue Bulls captain Pierre Spies (also an Affie choir boy) to name but a few.

Perhaps Affies' most unknown star was Francois Swart who played fly-half for Die Witbulle (the school's first team) alongside scrum-half Fourie du Preez. The formidable duo later played for The Blue Bulls and were strong contenders to become the next Springbok scrum- and fly-half pair. Tragically Francois Swart died in 2004 and since then Affies hosts an under-15 rugby tournament during Easter Holidays bearing the name of Francois Swart.


Affies has in recent years produced world players such as AB de Villiers, Francois du Plessis and Jacques Rudolph. Frequent tours overseas are the highlight of the season, where the school team plays against the best the world has to offer. Affies is considered to be a leader within the Afrikaans schools society for developing and promoting cricket for Afrikaans speaking boys and to be competitive against the dominant English schools.[1] Coach Deon Botes has worked with the school's first team for the last 15 years and has produced players such as Kruger van Wyk and Neil Wagner[2] (New Zealand international test players), Heino Kuhn (Titans wicket keeper) and upcoming all-rounder Thomas Kaber.


Golf at Affies is healthy and strong. Teams compete in the city's school golf league. The annual internal Affies Golf Tournament also serves as trials for the teams. Any student is welcomed to join and enjoy the day.


The school has produced acclaimed international players such as Danie Visser and Johan Kriek. It participates in SA Schools, Northern Gauteng and both the Pretoria and Johannesburg leagues. Eleven teams play competitive tennis during the year.


It has won the annual Inter High athletics championship from 2005-2011. In 2011 the school sent five athletes to the World Junior Athletics Championships and won two medals. The school also participate in two leagues across Gauteng throughout the year. The athletes take part in 25 events over the year. Affies prides itself in the short- and middle-distance running events, as well as the field items. Young stars such as Jacque de Swart, Andries van der Merwe, and Gerhard de Beer. The success of Affies' athletic prestige is the work of the teachers of the school who work tirelessly to help every athlete achieve their potential. Fanie Grobler coaches the Affie relay teams. The first 4×100 m relay team known as Die Witblitse has the athletics world buzzing. In 2010, they ran a record breaking 41.26 at the Inter High Championship and in 2012 at the Jacaranda Inter High they finished the item in 40.41 seconds.


With more than thirteen hockey teams in the school, it is able to compete against the best traditional hockey schools in South Africa. The school has a modern astro on which the teams train and play, a mini-astro and nearby grounds with a hockey clubhouse situated on the site. In 2011, two of the school's teams toured the Netherlands.

Cross country

The school has an active cross country club who compete and run regularly.


Each year the school has many players at all levels of competition.


The school has a 25m swimming pool and it competes each year against the best of Gauteng's swimming schools. In recent years Affies has expanded their reputation as one of the best water polo schools in the country and it regularly contributes players to provincial and national levels.[citation needed]


The school also has a few squash teams who play in the regional leagues. In recent years it has delivered a few national under 18 players.


There is a table tennis club, where the students can play and relax in the afternoons.


Affies also competes in the Jukskei leagues in Pretoria.


The "Affie Choir", also known as "Die Rooidasse" owing to the red ties worn during performances, consists of about 100 boys between the age 13 and 18.

Since the permanent choir was established about 18 years ago, the choir has won many awards both locally and internationally and in 2009 made it to the final round of the National Competition ATKV Applous for the 13th time.

The choir has undertaken several domestic and foreign tours, and visited countries including Germany, Holland, France, Hungary, Belgium, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Austria and the Czech Republic on tour in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 visits. The choir won a gold medal in the "young male choir" category at the 2004 Choir Olympics held in Bremen, Germany. In 2012 they won the Africa Showcase at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales.

The choir was invited to be part of the 85th anniversary celebrations of former president Nelson Mandela and sang in 2009 and 2010 by invitation of the Drakensberg Boys Choir's festival weekend ("Music in the Mountains").


The last seven years Affies was represented at the national ATKV Nasionale Debatsfinaal. In 2010 one of the Affies teams won the senior category and in 2011 one of the junior teams won the junior category and the runner-up was the other Affie team. Furthermore in 2012 of the 14 teams at the ATKV Nasionale Debatsfinaal three were from Affies, and the winner was one of these teams.

School plays

Each year a school play is performed by the students of Affies and on many attempts the school has reached the ATKV Finals. Affies is known for its wittiness and well directed plays.[citation needed]


Affies has two orchestras and a jazz band. These bands perform at many events and even outside school related functions.

Adventure club

Affies has an active adventure club who goes touring twice every year. They have canoed the Orange River, bungy jumped from the Victoria Falls, done various hiking tours (Blyde River and Sandloper) and camped regularly. This is a proud tradition of the school and remains active. The club's motto is: "If you're an Affie, you're part of the club". School anthem

   Daar ruis uit Pretoria
   die roep tot verre trans
   van duisende stemme vir jou ou Afrikaans
   Dit bind ons tesame die naam van ons trou
   Soos berge so stewig gebou vir jou!
   Ons bring jou ons hulde,
   jou lig sal ons dra
   tot ver oor ons wye Suid-Afrika.
   Ons staan vir ons Nasie,
   ons Taal en ons Land,
   Gestaal vir die stryd om jou lig te laat brand.
   Ons grootse verlede;
   die hede se krag
   Gee moed en vertroue
   vir dit wat daar wag.
   Ons bring jou ons hulde
   jou lig sal ons dra
   tot ver oor ons wye Suid-Afrika.
   Words & Music: Mr and Ms Carel van Heerden (1952)

Code of Honour (with English translation)

In ons skool gee ons die ereplek aan God en Sy Woord en streef die Christelike lewensbeginsels na. Ons is dankbaar vir die talente wat ons van God ontvang het en wend dit aan tot Sy eer. Ons streef daarna om hulpvaardig te wees en om te dien. Ons gehoorsaam en eer ons ouers en onderwysers en gedra ons hoflik teenoor alle mense, veral teenoor dames en ons meerderes. Ons woord is ons eer. Ons glo in selfbeheersing, selfdissipline, nederigheid en lojaliteit. Ons dien ons skool getrou en handhaaf sy goeie naam met woord en daad. Ons hou onsself en ons omgewing rein en skoon. Ons staan vir ons Taal, ons Nasie en ons Land.

In our school we give the place of honour to God and His Word and strive to live by Christian principles. We are thankful for the talents that we have received from God and apply them to His honour. We strive to be helpful and to serve. We obey and honour our parents and teachers, and conduct ourselves courteously towards all people, especially towards women and to our elders. Our word is our honour. We believe in self-control, self-discipline, humbleness and loyalty. We serve our school faithfully and uphold its good name in word and deed. We keep ourselves and our environment pure and clean. We stand for our Language, our Nation, and our Land. Headmasters

   F.J. le Roux : (1920 - 1946)
   Dr. G.J. Potgieter : (1947 - 1963)
   J.A. Fourie : (1964 - 1968)
   J.D.V Terblanche : (1970 - 1973)
   N.C. Roesch : (1974 - 1984)
   T.L.P. Kruger : (1985 - 1991)
   Dr. P. Edwards : (1992 - )

List of Headboys

   1926 - K. van der Post.
   1927 - W. Liebenberg.
   1928 - L. Lombard.
   1929 - F. du Toit.
   1930 - A. Visser.
   1931 - J. Fleck.
   1932 - C. Fleck.
   1933 - J. de Kock.
   1934 - G. Beyleveld.
   1935 - A. Malan.
   1936 - J. Nel.
   1937 - J. van den Horst.
   1938 - Z. van der Merwe.
   1939 - T. Botha.
   1940 - C. Potgieter.
   1941 - K. Theron.
   1942 - P. Stofberg.
   1943 - R. Loubser.
   1944 - L. Malan.
   1945 - J. Erasmus.
   1946 - C. Grobler.
   1947 - C. Bothma.
   1948 - L. Taljaard.
   1949 - H. Serfontein.
   1950 - W. Human.
   1951 - P. van den Berg.
   1952 - C. Bothan.
   1953 - J. Viljoen.
   1954 - P. Coetzee.
   1955 - K. Bruinette.
   1956 - J. Steyn.
   1957 - J. Lombaard.
   1958 - E. Bodenstab.
   1959 - J.L Pretorius.
   1960 - A. Pauw.
   1961 - W. Eaton.
   1962 - P. Steyn.
   1963 - G. Herbst.
   1964 - W. Vorster.
   1965 - W. Schoeman.
   1966 - P. van der Merwe.
   1967 - W. Vorster.
   1968 - M. Lombard.
   1969 - P. Vorster.
   1970 - P. Delport.
   1971 - T. de Jongh.
   1972 - C.P. Fourie.
   1973 - F. Odendaal.
   1974 - L.M. Rossouw.
   1975 - J.C. Marais.
   1976 - W. Bezuidenthout.
   1977 - A.P. Trichart.
   1978 - L.F. Bezuidenthout.
   1979 - P.J. Kruger.
   1980 - B.E. le Roux.
   1981 - S.S. Gouws.
   1982 - M.P. Rossouw.
   1983 - D.A. Louw.
   1984 - A. Manser.
   1985 - J. Beukes.
   1986 - M. Nel.
   1987 - C. Spaarwater.
   1988 - V. Terblanche.
   1989 - J.L. Pretorius.
   1990 - P.M. Schutte.
   1991 - J.L. Pretorius.
   1992 - S.J. de Beer.
   1993 - R. Butler.
   1994 - T. Meyer .
   1995 - A.D. Zarrabi .
   1996 - P.J.J. van der Walt.
   1997 - D.R. Burger.
   1998 - J.H. Schoeman.
   1999 - P.J. Roodt.
   2000 - W. Coetzee.
   2001 - E. Frustenburg.
   2002 - P.J. Vivier.
   2003 - E. Möller.
   2004 - L. Wilken.
   2005 - L. Taljaard.
   2006 - C. von Bratt.
   2007 - L.F. Taljaard.
   2008 - W.J. Lues.
   2009 - C. Jacobson
   2010 - P. Stander.
   2011 - A. Stander.
   2012 - J. Smith.

List of notable Old Affies (Alumni)


   Louis Schmidt (1954) : Springbok rugby player 1958 to 1962, and the original Blue Bull
   Tonie Roux (1964) : Springbok rugby player 1969 to 1974
   Grant Esterhuizen (1994) : Springbok rugby player 2000
   Johan Roets (1996) : South Africa A and Bulls Super 14 rugby player
   Skipper Badenhorst (1996) : Natal Sharks / SA Under 21 / Cheetahs Super 14 rugby player
   Nicolaas Alberts (1996) : Springbok Sevens Rugby Player and Cambridge University Triple Blue (Rugby, Cricket and Athletics)
   Eugene Marx (1996) : SA under 21 / Golden Lions rugby player
   Edward Coetzee (1997) : Natal Sharks rugby player
   Fourie du Preez (2000) : Springbok rugby player 2004-
   Wynand Olivier (2001) : Springbok rugby player 2006-
   Pierre Spies (2003) : Springbok rugby player 2006-
   Jacques Botes (2004) : Sharks Rugby Player
   Tiaan Snyman (1998): SA Under 21 / Bulls / Lions rugby player
   Sarel Potgieter (2002): WP ans SA Sevens rugby player
   Derick Kuun (2002): Blue Bulls rugby player
   Jacques-Louis Potgieter (2002) : Cheetahs / Blue Bulls rugby player
   Adriaan Fondse (2001) : WP / Stormers rugby player
   Gerrit-Jan Van Velze (2005) : Blue Bulls rugby player
   Cliff Milton (2002) : Blue Bulls 2003 - 2007 / Stade Francais 2007 - 2008 rugby player
   Ruan Cloete (2002) : Falcons / Lions rugby player
   Dean Greyling (2004) : Blue Bulls rugby player
   Ruan Snyman (2005) : Blue Bulls rugby player
   Frik Kirsten (2006) : Blue Bulls rugby Player
   Gerhard van den Heever (2007) : Blue Bulls and Stormers rugby player
   Andries Ferreira (2008) : South African rugby player, representing the Cheetahs in both Super Rugby and the Currie Cup.
   Quinn Roux (2008) : South African rugby player, playing for the Western Province and Stormers.


   AB de Villiers (2002) : Teams: South African International cricket team, Royal Challengers Bangalore
   Francois du Plessis (2002): Teams: South African International cricket team, Chennai Super Kings
   Kruger Van Wyk (1998): Titans, South Africa A and New Zealand Black Caps cricket player
   Heino Kuhn (2002): Titans and South Africa cricket player
   Jacques Rudolph (1999) : South African international cricket player 2003 to 2006, 2011-
   Neil Wagner (2004) : New Zealand Black Caps cricket player


   George Coetzee (2004) : South African professional golfer.


   Johan Kriek (1976) : South African tennis player, twice winner of Australian Open singles title
   Danie Visser (1979) : South African tennis player, three times Grand Slam doubles winner
   Rayno Seegers (1970) : South African tennis player who played in the ATP
   Deon Joubert (1971) : South African tennis player, 1978-. Won titles at the American Express in Birmingham, Virginia Beach


   Sebastiaan Rothmann (1993) : Former IBO and WBO cruiser weight boxing champion
   Philip Buys (2006) : South Africa u/23 Cross Country cup overall winner Cycling
   Reinhardt Strijdom (2006): Swimmer
   Jacques Freitag (2000) : South African Olympic high jumper, gold medalist at 2003 IAAF World Championship
   Lehann Fourie (2005) : A South African hurdler
   Phil Buys (2006) : A South African mountain biker, extreme biker and Olympic rider.


   Professor Fransjohan Pretorius (1966) : prominent South African historian
   Pierre Edwards (1970) : Springbok rugby player 1980, and current head master


   Magnus Malan : Former Minister of Defence during 1980–1991
   Gerrit Viljoen : Former Minister of Education and Minister of Constitutional Development.
   Hendrik Schoeman : Former Cabinet Minister


   Ben Schoeman (2002) : internationally acclaimed pianist; winner of the 2008 Vodacom Unisa International Piano Competition
   Reinhardt Francois Retief a.k.a Retief van der Liefde (2008): Radio Personality and Content Producer
   Paul Rothmann (1995) : TV presenter and martial arts enthusiast
   Marius Weyers (1962) : Famous South African Actor


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