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Directed by Dylan Valley
Produced by Plexus Films
Screenplay by Dylan Valley
Khalid Shamis
Cinematography Dylan Valley
Edited by Khalid Shamis
Release date(s)
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time 52 minutes
Country South Africa

Afrikaaps is a South African 2010 documentary film.


This documentary focuses on a theatre piece entitled Afrikaaps within a film. It is based on the creative processes and performances of the stage production. Using hip-hop the film and the stage play attempt to reclaim Afrikaans – so long considered a language of the oppressor – as a language of liberation. Present from the beginning of the project, Dylan Valley captures revealing moments of the cast's and production crew's personal narratives that transcend what happens on stage.


  • Encounters International Documentary Festival, South Africa, 2010